Hello, there.

Aidan was an artist until he realized how expensive it is to produce each exhibition.

He wisely switched career paths and now he is a visual (mostly web) designer, sometimes copywriter, wannabe front-end developer who works on digital products for small companies.

His work focuses on logo design and typography. Some of his projects include work on brand identity, art direction, digital marketing, web and app design, and for a brief time journalism at an independent ethnic newspaper.

He is inspired by the five years he spent living in Japan learning about his heritage, his time playing music (He can play four instruments), and he loves Yusaku Kamekura.

He spends an inordinate amount of time thinking of new solutions to design problems. And whether or not his dog, Maki, experiences existential dread whenever his bowl is empty.

He also loves food, you can check out his passion project a noodle review site here: Japanoods

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