The Ten Taglines

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Assignment 09

Show you can write headlines by attempting to write your 10 best Economist headlines. The headlines should convey their long established brand position: the smartest business people on earth read The Economist.

For the next part, I wanted to do a series of ads that show how business world has changed to become more global. Essentially, if you want an edge against competitors around the world, you need to be reading The Economist. I would like to increase the amount of languages, but due to the time frames of this project I wasn't able to find enough people with accurate translations.

Google it? We already did.

The difference between you and the top 1% — about 9.525mm

Tired of meeting “entrepreneurs” on Tinder?

The best nootropic stack involves a whole lot of fiber.

Caviar or Truffle? Why not both?

How do you beat the best? -Economist non-reader

Lose the blank-eyed stares.

Found behind the seat on 99% of private jets.

To see more than a 6% growth rate, consume daily.

Every president since JFK has read The Economist. Except one.

You can read the full list of the ones that didn't make it here.